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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fallen flags

Word on the street, word on the street 
I hear the heavens, loudly protesting
What we do on earth in his name

Apart from diseases
No other act in nature
Kills so much in an instant

Humanity must be a disease
Infecting earth with such
Pain and suffering, death

 #art #culture #life

Refusing to take the medicine
Of morality that will cure
Us of our madness

Instead standing on our confused
Religious and political differences ideology
As cause for hatred

Ever filled, each time, every time
Another insane, asylum breaks loose
And pours blood on the floor

Like a piranha's taste of blood
That sends us into meltdown
Of extremism, paranoia and fear

To look out for those different from us
And unleash our rage, rage, rage, rage
On their poor souls

Domino, toy soldiers falling in succession
Politicians from the far right
Having a field day

Extremism is the order of the day
Pull a ticket and join the queue
Why don't you

A man just pushed a woman
Onto the train track for wearing
A head scarf "hijab", it is all your fault.

Flags out on empty patriotism, fallen
The moderate is shifting his stands
Ever so close, closer

A massacre with retaliation of a bombing
On both sides it is the innocent
That are left to wallow in tears, pain

I hope the preacher man preaches
About morality and honesty today
And not about salvation and the 10% tithes

#Religion, the franchise is not happy
We are at war with humanity
Word on the street.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Salt and Sugar

I have tasted salt and sugar
Not salt mixed with sugar, mixtures

Though I am known
For concussion, I rather rather not

I have tasted sweet and sour
Yes sweet mixed with sour

I don't know why, oh why
It came with a Chinese food, I had

Along the line
In fast lane, going no where,  stops

And bitter sweet is a song I know
But sweet bitter I would avoid, I rather

Spinning round I do enjoy
But the world gets awfully dizzy, just when I stop

So it is that I once had a cup of tea
A spoon I took of white crystal to sweeten

The wrong crystal, so white
Mistaken to be sugar

A sip of this, oh my God
Oh my God, reactions reactions

I cannot swear, swear
I cannot swear; I swear, oh my God

Like the world getting dizzy
As sweet bitter to have avoided

A spit out with such rush gush
And water to wash it off my mouth

Don't make me feel so hated
When all I did was to lend you a hand

At my expense a hand I lent
Bitter sweet, I can handle

But sweet bitter, bitter bitter spit
Sorry I would rather avoid

If you don't mind, my mind
Boggling on cause and effect,

Why so, so
Oh why

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Normality, Oh I Am Just Mad

What is normality 
Oh but, I am just that mad 
How would I know, what do I know 

The mad man does not want 
Society to cure his madness,
Believe me, I am one, I know

He only just expects society 
To understand and appreciate 
His madness, they is a method to it 

Unfortunately it is, as it is 
Long after the fact, that is
That society gets it 

Where he is coming from 
Not coco land, you know 
Set behind the mountains

Know this; am telling you
The average madness of society 
At a given time, is defined as normality 

Past that time it is termed as 
"what were we thinking" 
How could that ever have been

Fact is laws, laws
Would even be passed
To affirm the status quo,

Ask me how slavery
And Hitler's reign
Lasted so long a time

Ask me how was it ever possible
We got so close to a nuclear war
To burn the earth to ashes, ashes to ashes

And some say
The aliens stopped it
Just at the nick of time

What is normality
Oh but I am just that mad
How would I know, what do I know 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

I Am Forever Rasta

Take a glass of water and gently
Slowly sip through, feel all the senses
The taste, the wetness, the awareness 

The temperature, 
Feel the flow of it, as it is ...Yeah, Mon
As it goes through your throat

Feel the grip of the glass,
See the colour of the water,
Memorise every act you make

In drinking the water
In quenching your thirst
In being alive, feeling alive ....Yeah, Mon

We take so much for granted
Until we have no breath left in us.
When we die we remain still, stone as still

Stone as; where we had our last breathe
Until someone comes and takes us,
A love one, comes for us....Yeah, Mon

Organise a ceremonial burial
And offer us with that last dignity
As burial, my burial rite

We are nothing without love,
Nothing without companionship,
Nothing without empathy,  care...Yeah, Mon

Someone has to give you
Your last dignity of burial rites.
A passage to ancestral lands

But do not bring falsehood
To my burial grounds
Honour me your true feelings..Yeah, Mon, as true

When I am gone.
Speak of me as I was
My good, my bad and my ugly,

For Rasta will and forever always
Be a realist, no apologise.
I am forever Rasta, in loving memories.. Yeah, Mon


Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Is Abstract, Pablo Picasso

See I don't need to write
A bunch of jargon, complex wheeling wagons
To pontificate bluster, jab & perplex, wrangling
Devotional minds, don't disturb meditations

I would rather draw
Or leave brush strokes on canvass
Projecting my lunacy on view
Like graffiti on side streets

Are you with me, fingers snap
Like are you still with me, in the room
Snap snap, snap out of it
If not just say before we proceed

As we proceed
With a state of confusion
In a maze farm lost
Trying to wiggle out of disorientation

Lets go back to basics, basis
Baby steps on trail drive
Leaner's driver given
On the fool's guide to the universe

Images and maps posted
At vantage points
To bring lost sheep home
Are we there yet, they ask

Awaken with chants of bravado
Were you there
Present to see
Bared witness with sight

As the journey starts
Sleeping bugs bites to infect
Inducing a state of
Sleep paralysis, nodding off

Lets pray the one with his hands
On the driver's wheels, steering
Is still awake, for God sake
We pray, AMEN

Death is always close to sleep
And people that have come close
To it,  death's door that is
Always seems to testify of a dream state

Let me ask you a question then
Are you awake, asleep or dead, deader
Which one feels like the strangest of all
Life imitating art for forgery on Pablo Picasso

Are you with me, not on hypnosis
Like are you still with me
In the room or wondering
On day dreams of thought

I do not mean to confuse you
Sir, sir; Madam madam altered presence
Ghost on a day release, please take a seat
Calm down the asylum on prison break

It is Pablo Picasso
Go figure on
What is abstract

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