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Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Voice in the wind

Their souls remain with you, oh kind heart
Your heart is where they reside, do not despair
Their love is your memory, hold on to it.

But tears are needed so strong
In these times to help settle agitated souls, 
Calm-down, calm down, the night will soon end

A candle in the wind, battling the gale force
Carrying whispers of a faint voice  
Calling calling, calling

That calls one out
Yet when you turn, there is no one present
It is a feeling, a sensation a sixth sense

A realization of knowing 
Someone was standing just behind you
That strange feeling

Hands on your shoulders
To comfort your weakened heart
Always and forever by your side

You will always and forever be loved
Mama says don't you worry son
Mama says every thing is going to be just fine

Take heart, 
My soul will be your guardian angel
And you will always feel my presence around you

Take heart

Written as condolence for a Friend

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Waiting Game

Rusted fingers on rusted arms 

Rusted ink on rusted paper 

Who is looking, watchers watch.

Allow occasion to present it self 

I have been waiting 

Like tables booked 

And to the restaurant 

A place reserved 

Some where by the window 

I have been waiting 

For so long so far in time 

That curb-webs have 

Bequested the spider 

To honor build on prime land

On fine prime real estate 

Strings pulled from left to right 

The cranes out and structures built 

Now a company kept with the curb-web 

We have both been waiting 

Waiting for all this time, longevity on parade

For time has joined the course on pause. 

We have been waiting 

Waiting waiting waiting 

Watching paint dry on this here wall 

We have been waiting 

Then suddenly a flush spark on light 

Sparkles twinkle and motion resolve  

Life is no longer on stand still 

The machinery of life is back on the wheel 

Rusted edges brushed off 

Oil in the joints and we are back in motion 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

A man's war

Would the winds hold form
Seeing the rivers bloat 

Over fed by the hills 
At the start of the stream 

A little trickle 
A little trickle down it flows 

Is God, one known to favor 
And with selected preference 

To owe allegiance to man 
But not to all men 

To watch blindly as man 
Destroys another 

All in his name 
Martyrdom in his name 

They yell and scream "for your blessing"
His name before battle 

We fight for our God 
This is for the lord 

How is that to be explained 
I created all the universe 

Yet I can not win the hearts 
Of all men, not all men on my side 

This is man's war, all of it 
This is man's greed, all of it 

Masqueraded as a holy war 
A jihad, a crusade; this is man's war 

From the beginning of time 
This has all and always been man's war 

Yet with so little value on purpose 
Since we keep lying to ourselves 

That it is, anything but a man's war 
All of it, all the blood, all the pain 

No morality to fight for 
No course so great

And God wanders why 
And what to do with us 

Fighting the two thousand year war 
Just to destroy all that he created 

In his name 
This has always been man's war

Monday, 14 July 2014

God's Religion

If God made religion 
It would be like the air we breathe 

With no difference to the type 
And amount we breathe  

No class or grade no authority 
That will oppress the vulnerable 

No tags, or symbols 
Of affiliation to a clan 

Everyone will be equal 
With equal access  

No chosen ones, tribes 
No promise land 

Wherever you are on earth 
If God made religion 

 If man made religion 
It would be with difference 

Every few miles we travel
With lies and  it would demand we kill 

Kill for our difference, our privilege   
And in belief of our difference, our promises  

Structured to be with authority 
And oppress the minority and vulnerable 

In society, having no empathy 
For those different from us

More like politics, like politics  
Just like politics, made of man  

Thank God the religion he/she makes 
Is called spirituality 

Just like the air we breathe 
Free for all with direct access 

No third parties needed for access 
.#Philosophy #Spirituality #Religion 

If God made religion 
It would be just like everything else 

That God has made 
Free and natural  

Just the way God is 
Free and natural 

Loving to all 
In nature 

If God made religion 
God's religion 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rising Star

Rising stars on the tip 
Of mountain stands 

Shooting across the heavens  

Light years away 

And at night I can see the cosmos 
Read all the stars like horoscope  

Count all the constellations 

Until I fall asleep and travel 

Like a rising star 

Up in the mountain stands 

Across the landscape valleys 

Unto the ocean waves

Seeing the moon tip the sea 

Sparkling each wave  

If sight was made for anything 

It has to be just for this 

Rising star on the tip 

Of mountain stands 

I see the greatness in you 

The child that stands mountaineering hills 

Rising stars on the tip 

Of mountain stands 
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