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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On Church Grounds

The more churches I see
The more morally corrupt
Society seems to be

A few good men left
Quickly turning into
No  good men in this town

Is it so cheap now to confess
And have our sins forgiven
I ask

Void is flagellation
As a sign of penance to give
#philosophy #life #society #religion

Bless me father for I have sinned
Replaced with cash and carry
Blessing and sins on barter trade

The richest is the most holiest
And highly morally corrupt
Blurred lines all in the grey

No one is looking that close
To see blemish on white canvas

It is all clock works
Days into night

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The (in)dependence of Ghana

Denounce the government and embrace the flag‪ #‎wendellberry‬.

The politics, ‬ independence is a scam, all politicians are the same. We are in debt, but I owed no man, I borrowed no money, I sleep in the darkness but I paid all my bills. My pipes lie empty, I am forced to drink from plastic bags. The Doctor is in on the scam too; he's is no longer a noble cause, he writes prescriptions as a way of extorting money from the sick and vulnerable, then kills me dead on negligence, no recourse no one is held liable. 

There is no blood at the hospitals, even though Jehovah witness are refusing blood, we are all selfish to give, though even after giving, storage becomes a problem. There is no air in the oxygen cylinder, watch me chocking dead. The medical stores are all on fire and the last remaining salvaged drugs are expired, being forced down my throat.

 The condoms imported are too small for the African size, they rip off, thorn to shreds at the first thrust, and so I am left with a scare.

Our institutions are inactive, the country is run by sleeping sheep. The upper class are all foreigners living in gated communities, entered only by invitation strictly by invitation. The high end restaurants and hotels will not have me for being a second class citizen. 

My roads are dusty red, dust covers my throat I am a Martian to be from Mars the red planet. Our farmers are under attack, Monsanto wants to play God to kill all our seeds and starve us dead, so the west can show us on TV begging for charity "please sir, give me some more sir". But how can I blame the West, it's a dog eat dog world and we beg to be eaten. 

Denounce the government, embrace the flag, find your patriotism and stand for a cause, for politicians are all scam, in it just for themselves. ‪#‎Ghana‬‪#‎Africa‬ thinking out loud it's about time.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Love is all things

For the day to end
I expect a smile, all things being equal

And after the rain falls
I expect a fresh breeze, the air feels clean

For the river tide to rise
I expect the moon to h' played a part

For the flower to blossom
I expect the plant to h' grown on fertile grounds

For Friday to come, oh Friday
I expect Monday to Thursday to h' come before

For love and  oh for love to grow
I expect care a' kindness to h' been shown

For all things being equal, just like you are
I expect a twinkle, always a twinkle in your eyes

Just like that
Just like that, simply put just like that.

All things being equal
For love to grow, just like that

Friday, 20 February 2015

What is time

What is time
But a resource with the most value to have 
The rarest of minerals that one can own 

What is time but the essence 

Of existence yours and mine 
To be alive 

Through birth on passage 

To have created an avenue 
For memory to engulf 

What is time 

I once met a rich man 
Who offered gladly all his wealth 

For my youth 

And to him that would have 
Still been a short change on me 

He said son,

I envy your youth 
A price I would love to pay 

What is time 

To sit and project on memory past 
What is time 

What is time 

To make da javu a distortion 
Between parallel worlds 

What is time 

To redefine or affirm an identity 
All to be allowed only by the virtue time 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

An Alien Capture

This journey feels long 
And sometimes it feels as though
The person who started the journey 
Is now a stranger wearing my shoes 

Did I wake the morning 
Or is this a prolonged dream 
Would the mind be sincere 
And truthful to me  

And tell me truly 
If I am really awake 
No strange characters lurking around 
Flying cows w' wings to confirm my wonder  

Though sometimes supposed 
Reality leaves me lost and confused 
Running in circles going nowhere 
Dogs chasing tales all in circles 

Have my reality  been kidnapped 
For an old debt owed 
They promised I will pay 
Someday, one day they promised 

Am I stack in a room  tied to a bed 
With wires and tubes hanging 
Off my body and brain being prodded
With induced dream state 

To keep me in comatose 
So I don't wake to fight off 
This drain of my reality  so vivid
It must be an alien capture, an alien capture
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